• Mesa Southern Well Service provides a full line of Completion and Workover services that include 24 rigs ranging from 300 through 500 series rigs, with depth working up to 16000 feet.  
  • Rod/Tubing Packages
  • Includes rig, 4 man crew, double hydraulic BOP 3000#-5000# and all the necessary tools for standard  2-3/8"- 2-7/8" EUE tubing as well as handling tools for 5/8" through 1" rods.
  • Workover / Completion Rigs
  • Includes rig, triplex pump, 200 bbl., double hydraulic BOP 3000#-5000#, and all the necessary tools to handle 2-3/8"-2-7/8" EUE  tubing.

 24 Hour Workover Service

 Watson Hopper GXHTA 500 Double Drum back in Workover unit/hortonzontal operations. the rig is equip with 106'/300,000 capitactiy derrick , 2-500 HP drilling pumps, 235 Bbl. mud mixing unit with shale shaker, non bearing substructure adjustable from 10' to 18, power swivel, 7-1/16" 5000#double hydraulic BOP and Annular, 4-bottle Accumulator and handling  tools for 2-3/8" and 2-7/8" EUE tubing. The operation are conducted on a 24hour basis by 2 crew working 12 hour shift.

500 series rig equipped with 106’ft/ 300,000# static hook load, 2 – 500 horsepower drilling pump, 2 – 235Bbl mud mixing units with shale shakers, 120 ton Bowen 3.5 power swivel, 1 – 7 1/16” dual hydraulic blow out preventer, 1 - 7 1/16” hydraulic annular, 4 – bottle accumulator, non – bearing substructure adjustable 10 to 18ft. Servicing depths up to 18,000ft and drilling depths up to 6,000ft.

Winch Truck Service

Mesa Southern Well Servicing, LP operates a fleet of oilfield winch trucks varying from 12 to 30 ton trucks with gin poles.

This service includes swab rigs capable of holding 14,500 feet of 9/16" swab line with 42' hydraulically raised derrick, mounted on a truck capable of moving the unit on and off location. This will include an operator, swab helper, equipment and connections for the normal swabbing procedures. Each Swabbing Rig has a 40Bbl fiberglass swab tank that is pulled by the pickup truck.

Mesa Southern Well Servicing, LP is an approved plugger by the Texas Railroad Commission.

Lease Crews consist of two to four man crews that are supervised by a Lease Crew Manager. Services consist of tank battery construction, flow line hook up and repair, pumping unit assembly, backhoe services, sandblasting, and coating/painting equipment.